Guide to Call Tracking - Creating Static Numbers

Static Tracking Numbers are new tracking numbers you would use to replace your existing phone number(s) in your advertising.  

These tracking numbers will simply forward your calls to an existing landline(s) or mobile(s). You can use static tracking numbers wherever you want to track calls, such as in a magazine advert, a direct mail piece, or a click-to-call extension on your pay-per-click marketing.

The steps for setting up a static tracking number are as follows:

  1. Click “New Advert”
  2. Enter “Advert Name”
  3. Select “Media” & “Media Title”
  4. Pick what type of tracking number you want to use (local geographic / national e.t.c)
  5. Pick what number you want to forward the calls to
  6. Click "Save"

You will then be presented with a new tracking number that you can use, in this case, for my new email newsletter.

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